Projects of Stabiplan Hackathon 2016 in detail

14 December 2016

Goals, implementation and the challenges they faced. Participants to the Stabiplan Hackathon 2016 have described in detail the projects they've been working on.

First International Stabiplan Hackathon

05 December 2016

Stabiplan Hackathon is the event where coders and innovative minds from our team gather round to develop ingenious software projects. 2016 was the year of the first International Hackathon and the competition keep growing!

Four students with Erasmus scholarship in The Netherlands

20 July 2016

Two years ago two installation students visited the Netherlands and spent three months at our HQ in Bodegraven. They returned from Netherlands with great experiences and helped build the newly established People Power BIM Engineering Romania.

Taking part in real projects

20 July 2016

Internship programs have been a regular thing for some time. This year 12 students applied for the program and were accepted to follow this type of instruction at Stabiplan Romania.

#StabiXperience @ Student show

20 July 2016

There is lately a special quest for student events in the area of mass media, which leads to various articles being written, or TV shows held for the student world.

Establishment of PeoplePower BIM Engineering

20 July 2016

It’s a great experience for you, as a student, to state and prove your qualities in such a way that you impress experienced people abroad and make them establish a company in your own country, based on your good will and good work!

StabiXperience for Social Studies and Product Design Faculties

20 July 2016

Erasmus programs, Summer Schools and Internships at Stabiplan are the best opportunities a student at the Transylvania University of Brasov can take to jump into their future career. It requires seriousness, dedication and perseverance to finalize these successfully. It’s called StabiXperience.

Summer School 2016 has started

20 July 2016

As the school year ends, the Stabiplan Summer School starts. It is another kind of vacation as some of the programming and design secrets are revealed while the sun scorches everything out there.

Three-day trip to the Netherlands

20 July 2016

The development students who participate in the internship or Summer School programs have one extra reason to prove they are the best.

We met some of the best students at MI and IESC

20 July 2016

The presentation that the faculties of MI and IESC have organized at the Transylvania University of Brasov brought together IT companies running their business in the software programming world, as well as companies in other high-tech industries. It was all a hunt for brilliant minds to be pushed forward in their field, which we enrolled in, as well.

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