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Flavius-Liviu Cioflec

Engineering Scholarship

I think that the programme developed by Stabiplan, fitted great for me because it encapsulate all what is needed for a future successful Design Engineer.

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A few years ago, I could not have imagined that in my second year of College I would have the opportunity to find my passion.

After I graduated the military high school, I discovered that I must follow a different path that is consistent with what I like to do. During the “ENG MEETUP”, a well- known event that took place in May 2017, I found an outstanding community at Stabiplan and I wanted to continue with the next step, scholarship.

I didn’t have an idea of what should I do after I finish my courses, but by this scholarship program I discovered a new passion: product design and everything that belongs to it. Even if I will only start my third year of college studies, I think that this programme developed by Stabiplan, fitted great for me because it encapsulate all what a future successful Design Engineer needs to know.

Our mentors not only guided us but they also created a strong bond between them and the students. When we had issues, they were just right there to help us. The best part of StabiXperience is that students are motivated to learn only by working on real projects and applying their own ideas for the equipment design.

I would like to continue to the next step, the Internship, because I want to discover more and more things about Design Engineering, other features and useful software types that would help to increase my knowledge. I also want to be a part of Stabiplan community and grow up together.

I strongly advise all the students with an inclination towards this branch, to join StabiXperience because they won’t regret this choice. To put all in a nutshell, StabiXperience is a must have experience, so don’t miss the opportunity to apply.

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