A great opportunity for me, as a student

Vlad Ichim

Web Development (Internship)

Working on this project helped me a lot, because I started putting the theory I learned into practice and increased my programming knowledge.

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From the very beginning of my internship I started working on StabiXperience, a real project intended to help students join the Stabiplan family. Working on this project helped me a lot to put the theory I learned into practice, and to increase my programming knowledge.

Also, during my experience at Stabiplan, besides working on my project I had the opportunity to attend various workshops, such as learning Unity, a new platform for creating games.

Since my beginning here I felt lucky to meet nice and experienced people, that patiently helped me every time I needed, and advised me well on how to improve my skills. There are people that I had a great time with, not only during our work hours, but also playing football, volleyball and performing other activities. These have been great occasions to create good relationships with my colleagues and make new friends.

The chance of working in this company was a great occasion to learn the latest technologies, meet experienced people and discover the real process of creating software, from the beginning to the end.

I hope that my journey in Stabiplan will not end soon, and that I will continue my progress and my personal development as much as I can. And, who knows, maybe Stabiplan will help me build my license project.

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