You have to find out what you like to do

Andrei Luca

Software Engineer

I’ve applied for the summer school program then I followed the program of internship. That’s the thing here, in Stabiplan I’ve learned more practical than theoretical knowledge.

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I would like to become a “big fish” as my partners in crime would often say when referring to someone that is very accomplished professionally, that is intelligent, wise, cunning, kind, funny, respected, slick... (you get the idea). Do you know Elon Musk ? Now that’s one very very big fish. That kind of fish (clearly not that big, but in that shape and style of swimming).

What would be my advice to those that have some thoughts about starting an internship (either here or at another company) : You have to find out what you like to do, what would be the environment in which you would like to work , the people with whom you would like to spend your time and to find this out , you have to try , you have to make a decision and just give it a go , if you don’t like it , that’s ok , you still have time to search for something that you truly like.

But to find it, you have to search for it, and the start is to make a decision and follow it through . I think that Kierkegaard has a very good take on this : “A road well begun is a battle half won. The important thing is to make a beginning and get under way. There is nothing more harmful for your soul than to hold back and not get moving.”

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