A special teenager’s story

Razvan Horatiu Marin


Răzvan Horațiu Marin is the youngest member of the StabiXperience team – he is only seventeen years old, being in the eleventh grade with the Dr. Ioan Meșotă highschool in Brașov. Having a passion inherited from his family, and a strong will to carry on his parents’ dream, Răzvan revealed that his abilities and aspiration towards Design started since his first years of highschool.

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He confessed to us he had really wanted to be part of the Stabiplan Team and that his young age didn’t stop him from exploring the domain that he’s always wanted to work in.

“I must say I applied for the Summer School Program with some doubts, because of my “highschool boy” status, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Being a part of StabiXperience, the big wide knowledge I earned and the practical work I did in programming – that’s what I did here in the first summer – gave me the confidence this is the way I have to go.”

The surprises wouldn’t stop with the ending of the Summer School 2015 Program. Razvan told us that when the program finished, he really wanted to repeat the experience, and come back here, at Stabiplan. That’s what happened in fact; he got a seat with the StabiXperience team this year, too.

At present, he follows his second consecutive year here, at the StabiXperience Summer School. This year he is part of the Design team, a place where he gets to form a solid base, and develop his Design skills.

“I’m very excited with the opportunity that I was given, and for my mentor, who is very dedicated to my professional growth. I do believe these are the pillars of my theoretical and practical knowledge.”

His limits don’t end up here. He’s got a high respect for his parents, who taught him that every great thing starts low, and it must be accomplished by hard work. Thus, he learned since childhood to appreciate the true values of life, being guided by an old saying: “A handful of trade is a handful of gold.”

Razvan told us that after finishing the Summer School Program he wouldn’t get any vacation, like most teenagers do, but instead he would work alongside his classmates as a volunteer in organizing an event, and then he will travel to Berlin (education-wise) on a trip organized by his highschool teachers.

Regarding his future expectations, Razvan seems to be very confident that, when finishing highschool, all the knowledge he gained here at Stabiplan will grant him a different perspective on his student years to come.

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