Erasmus + Scholarship at Stabiplan, the Netherlands

Diana Mitrea


Since I was in highschool, through the eleventh grade, I was thinking of the future, student years to come. I envisioned the way I would take advantage of all opportunities that my University offers, especially with respect to studying abroad.

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As soon as I started my first year of university, I applied for a scholarship in Tokyo and it’s been the most beautiful experience ever! Afterwards, I became much more motivated to apply for this kind of scholarships and, of course, to travel.

My first contact with Stabiplan was in Brasov, when I wanted to enroll for an Erasmus+ scholarship for practical placement. A professor with the Transylvania University, where I study, suggested that I should try at Stabiplan, for the marketing department. I was pleasantly surprised by the company’s employees! I was fascinated by their energy, and their positive and encouraging attitude. The interview was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

Among other extracurricular activities, I’m involved with the “Student Show”, a TV program created by students, for students. Together with the crew, we made a special edition about the opportunities offered by Stabiplan to students. On this occasion we managed to spread the word around the University and more students got informed on the StabiXperience programs: Erasmus scholarships, Summer School and internships.

As soon as we arrived at Stabiplan BV in the Netherlands, we were warmly welcomed, with a lot of respect, by all employees. After four weeks here, I noticed that employees show a lot of professionalism in everything they do, but at the same time they are friendly and we know we can find support here. The thing that impresses me the most is the strong friendship which ties them all together. Now I feel like I am part of the great Stabiplan team!

This experience thrilled me greatly, and I love coming to work every morning — by bike, of course! Moreover, I am pleased that my colleagues appreciate and encourage my efforts. I can tell that, during my time here, I already grew in my career. Furthermore, I found a lot of secrets regarding the best marketing strategies and practices, but also learned many other important things through the various interactions we have with each department here. I learn new things every day, which will help me a lot in my career!

In the future, I would like to learn more about the marketing domain and, of course, I would like to be able to successfully carry out all my tasks. When I return home, I will continue with an internship at Stabiplan Romania. I can’t wait!

I wish to encourage any student, who had the patience to read the whole text, to not miss such an opportunity, but take advantage of it. Erasmus+ is what makes a student’s life much more interesting and unique. In my opinion, not taking advantage of the unforgettable experiences these scholarships provide, would be a shame! So go on, enroll yourselves in the adventure!

Last, I want, of course, to thank Stabiplan for this wonderful opportunity they’ve offered me!

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