One learns as long as one lives

Ana-Maria Matei

Software Engineer

Ana-Maria Matei is a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and today she holds the programmer position within Stabiplan.

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Just like every child, she was dreaming about what she would become later in life, about the way she would help everybody and, of course, about what she could do to make the whole world her own.

How she ascended so fast on the professional ladder, she will tell us herself, in the following lines. We, at Stabiplan, value the qualities and stories of our employees.

“From the idea that someday I will be a fire woman, ready for anything, here I am — a fully grown engineer. I didn’t plan this, but I can say it was the most appropriate choice I made when I applied for college. I enjoy working in this field, it motivates me to learn every day and to continuously aspire to the title of «best engineer», as I call it. Thereby, I recently applied for a master’s degree in „Advanced computer systems”, offered by the Transylvania University of Brasov.”

Ana-Maria believes that “one learns as long as one lives”, and regardless of how much information would one acquire, it is still not all, and there’s always something more that is yet to be discovered.

Giving herself to study, she graduated the academics as a valedictorian, she learned several foreign languages, such as English, Spanish and Korean, and she was involved in various contests within the university: AFCO – Graduates in Front of Companies, scientific communication sessions, contests in Strength of Materials, and others.

Ana-Maria does believe she has big achievements in life so far, but she is very proud of the little robot that she herself made for the BS thesis, and that she really wanted to see moving, being capable to lift and manipulate things. And she succeeded!

“I was already in the fourth year of study when a fellow colleague with Automatics invited me to the StabiXperience presentation program held by Stabiplan within the college. She was already working for Stabiplan and thought I could find a place for me there. I had no possibility to enroll then, but I was interested in my colleague’s experience and the one that my smaller peers had. After graduation I expressed my desire to be part of the Stabiplan crew, which I started loving right from the beginning.”

Although she is committed to her plans, Ana-Maria doesn’t neglect her free time. She loves winter and, of course, ice skating. She doesn’t plan to give up skating that easy so, in the summertime she spends the time doing roller skating and mountain hiking.

Besides her career, Ana has no future plans. She decided that, time will show when she should take a different path. Currently, present time is the most important.

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