StabiXperience is a great career start

Georgiana Sima

The people from this company are young and friendly so this helped me to accommodate with the work environment and the mentors are always there to help you.

Learn faster with help from our mentors

Raluca Vidrea

What I liked the most is that each one of us had a mentor who helped and guide us during our scholarship.

Today, my accent falls on career. I want to grow professionally, to learn more and more

Sorina Irimie

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for one of the StabiXperience programs! Any day spent here is a gained time. I highly recommend Stabiplan to you!

Attending an Erasmus scholarship program is what I have always wanted since my very first year of study

Romelia Livia Milascon

Looking back, all my StabiXperience was a ladder of success, starting with the summer school, which was like an opening of new horizons to what would become the road of my career.

One learns as long as one lives

Ana-Maria Matei

Ana-Maria Matei is a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and today she holds the programmer position within Stabiplan.

Erasmus + Scholarship at Stabiplan, the Netherlands

Diana Mitrea

Since I was in highschool, through the eleventh grade, I was thinking of the future, student years to come. I envisioned the way I would take advantage of all opportunities that my University offers, especially with respect to studying abroad.

A special teenager’s story

Razvan Horatiu Marin

Răzvan Horațiu Marin is the youngest member of the StabiXperience team – he is only seventeen years old, being in the eleventh grade with the Dr. Ioan Meșotă highschool in Brașov. Having a passion inherited from his family, and a strong will to carry on his parents’ dream, Răzvan revealed that his abilities and aspiration towards Design started since his first years of highschool.

A “Stabi”-experience in the Netherlands

Cynthia Pucheanu

I was constantly hearing people talk about going abroad with Erasmus projects, but I never got determined enough to try it myself.

You have to find out what you like to do

Andrei Luca

I’ve applied for the summer school program then I followed the program of internship. That’s the thing here, in Stabiplan I’ve learned more practical than theoretical knowledge.

I learn something new every day.

Alexandra Dodic

Stabiplan has given me the chance to practice at the company HQ in the Netherlands from where I will most likely return better trained. Following this practice period I hope I will be able to apply the things I learned.

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